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Since its founding in 1877, Matsui Wire Netting Industry Co.,Ltd. has been meeting a wide range of needs in the industrial sector, consistently developing products in line with the demands of the age as an all-inclusive maker of wire netting.
Today, we are continue to develop and manufacture all kinds of netting, from micro-size fine mesh used in the fine chemical and electronics to large size products such as jumbo mats for construction works and backstops for baseball stadiums. We have broadened our business sphere to serve to not only Japan but Europe, North America, Southeast Asian Countries and a wide range of overseas markets.

Our Products

Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh:304Type

Stainless Steel Welded Wire Mesh is manufactured from bright annealed Stainless Steel Wire and electrically welded at every intersection. It is remarkable for uniform mesh size, smooth surface, superior strength distortion.
Applications include screens for vents, louvers, baskets, animal cages, racks, partitions and miscellaneous industrial fabrications.

0.8mm(0.032") x 4Mesh

1.2mm(0.047") x 2Mesh

1.6mm(0.063") x 2Mesh


Wire Dia Mesh Pitch Width Length
0.8mm (0.032") 4 6.35mm 1M 30M
0.8mm (0.032") 4 6.35mm 36" 100'
0.8mm (0.032") 4 6.35mm 48" 100'
1.0mm (0.039") 3 8.46mm 1M 30M
1.0mm (0.039") 2.5 10.0mm 1M 30M
1.2mm (0.047") 3 8.46mm 36" 100'
1.2mm (0.047") 3 8.46mm 48" 100'
1.2mm (0.047") 2.5 10.0mm 1M 30M
1.2mm (0.047") 2 12.7mm 36" 100'
1.2mm (0.047") 2 12.7mm 48" 100'
1.2mm (0.047")   15.0mm 1M 30M
1.6mm (0.063") 2 12.7mm 1M 30M
1.6mm (0.063") 2 12.7mm 36" 100'
1.6mm (0.063") 2 12.7mm 48" 100'
1.6mm (0.063") 1.7 15.0mm 1M 30M
1.6mm (0.063") 1.27 20.0mm 1M 30M
1.6mm (0.063") 1 25.4mm 36" 100'
1.6mm (0.063") 1 25.4mm 48" 100'
1.6mm (0.063") 1 25.0mm 1M 30M
2.0mm (0.080") 1.27 20.0mm 1M 30M
2.0mm (0.080") 1 25.4mm 36" 100'
2.0mm (0.080") 1 25.4mm 48" 100'
2.0mm (0.080")   25.0mm 1M 30M


Woven Wire Cloth



It is determined the distance from center to center of parallel wires and Mesh is indicated the number of opening in one lineal inch.



It is space between adjacent parallel wires.

Opening =  25.4mm  - Wire dia.
Wire Diameter_illustration

Wire Diameter

Measuring wire dia. by a micrometer.


Type of weaving:

Plane Weave_illustration

Plain Weave

It is determined the distance from center to center of parallel wires and Mesh is indicated the number of opening in one lineal inch.

Twilled Weave_illustration

Twilled Weave

In this weave each shute wire alternatively goes over two warp wires and under two warp wires. By "staggering"the interlacing ,a diagonal weave is produced. It offers higher strength than standard weaves.

Plane Dutch Weave_illustration

Plain Dutch Weave

The warp wire is heavier than the shute wire. This weave has a coarser mesh and wire in the warp direction and a finer mesh and wire in the shute direction.

How to order

When ordering standard wire cloth, material, wire diameter, mesh size, width, length and quantity should be specified.

  1. Material : Stainless Steel Wire,304 or 316 or Brass etc.
  2. Wire Dia. : Millimeter, Wire Gauge(SWG),etc.
  3. Mesh Size : Number of opening per linear inch
  4. Width : 1M ,36" , 48" etc,
  5. Length : 30M, 100',etc.
  6. Quantity : No of rolls or cut-pieces,or square feet required
  7. Other : If it is not find the mesh size, etc, send a sample of desired wire cloth.
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